Welcome, friends.

I didn’t begin to enjoy reading until halfway through high school. English was always my best subject, but I wasn’t very interested in any of it. Sometime in my sophomore year, a friend of mine arrived at school proclaiming himself permanently changed and transformed after reading a novel by Kurt Vonnegut. I was fascinated by the intensity of his reaction to reading and wanted to investigate this author for myself. I bought a copy of Cat’s Cradle and haven’t felt the same since.

Ten years later, reading literature is nearly all I want to do. Cat’s Cradle was the catalyst for a literary journey that has come to define my life’s path, heavily influencing my choice to pursue and complete a Master’s degree in literature. Post-academia, I have relished the freedom to choose my own personal curriculum, with the only limitation being the limited space on my bookshelves (as well as on top of my bookshelves, the floor around my bookshelves, etc). Still, an important part of fully experiencing a book involves distilling your thoughts into words, whether written or spoken. In order to lessen the strain on my girlfriend, who I constantly bombard with thoughts and analyses on books she’s never read, I decided to create a space for my thoughts. It would be truly wonderful if others are willing to weigh in with their own thoughts, but if not, I will settle for documenting my own.

Happy reading.


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